How to Meet the President Using Twitter

Twitter President Meet Up

Did you ever want to meet your country’s president or prime minister but just never knew what to do to make it happen? Try sending a tweet. That’s what one person living in the African nation of Rwanda did. When there was a rumor that the president of Rwanda was passing through town, the enterprising and hopeful twitter user @savvykenya decided to send a tweet inviting Paul Kagame to come to a local party being organized.


Sending a tweet is the easy part and for the first few minutes, no reply. But then some 30 minutes later, not only did President Kagame reply to the tweet but announced his intentions to pay a visit.

Paul Kagame and Twitter

And later that night, the President kept his word and visited the town bringing with him some much needed funds for the benefit of the local people. While it may not be so simple with President Obama as it was with President Kagame, it is still quiet instructive of how the new social media dynamic is playing out currently.

Twitter, facebook and other instant social media avenues are bridging the international divide and presenting more opportunities for deeper cross cultural understanding among peoples everywhere.

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