Solar Powered Furniture Lets You Charge Your iPad While Sleeping

Solar Powered Lounge Station

The MIT SOFT Rocker is outdoor furniture that lets you charge your electronic devices using your own body, thanks to a solar-powered generator.  The rocker could become a feature of college campuses and outdoor parks the world over, if the creators get their way.

The rockers are described as environmentally-friendly charging stations that produce clean energy while doubling as comfortable rocking lounge chairs. The technology works a little something like this: using the human power of balance, a 35 watt solar tracking system is created and charges a built-in battery that can be used to store energy for charging all types of electronic devices.


The built-in tracking system allows you to orient the solar panels toward the sun to maximize charging time. In the picture below, you can see the panel where you can input your devices via USB cable.


The creators are also emphasizing the comfortable nature of the furniture, which is made of a flexible soft wood that in their words “blurs distinctions between pleasure and work.” At night, the rocker includes a multiple light display that is positively visually appealing.


For more information, see the MIT SOFT Rocker page.

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