Best YouTube Videos for Father’s Day


Father’s day is coming up soon and we decided to list our favorite videos on YouTube in honor of Dads everywhere. You may love them, and you may even hate at times, but they still brought into this world, and as they keep reminding, then can apparently take us out of it as well!! Here is to Dads everywhere.


Cosby Show

Cliff explains that no one gives fathers what they really want or need for Father’s Day.

That’s why you always leave a note

George Sr. teaches his kids a lesson on Arrested Development

Paul Simon – Father and Daughter

Live on David Letterman Show

Family Guy – Who’s Your Daddy?

Peter blindly climbs into Chris’ bed in the middle of the night. S4:Ep3.

Star Wars – Luke I am your father

Everyone’s favorite movie

Kid History – Episode 1 – by BoredShortsTV

Some stories get better with time. Especially when it’s kids that are passing the story along. Take a look at the actual events of this true story (as told from the memory of young ones).

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