Airport Mania and the Take Over of Amazon

Airport Mania Android Game

If you have not heard already, Amazon has officially launched their new Appstore dedicated to downloadable applications for Android devices. As with any app store, games are proving to be very popular as they dominate the sales lists. One of these games is made by Reflexive Entertainment, a company purchased by Amazon a few years back. Airport Mania: First Flight is now available for $0.99.

This is interesting because Amazon, as a company, seems to have developed a strategy of diversifying their offerings in a way that is creating complimentary product lines. The Kindle ereader, for example,  reads content purchased from the Kindle store, which as a side note, is DRM protected and therefore can only be read using Kindle applications or ereaders. Off course, the virtual services behind the Kindle are hosted using Amazon’s EC2 cloud storage architecture.

Now Amazon has launched their Android appstore where users of smart phones and tablets can download all kinds of applications for their devices including games. And this is great for Amazon’s Reflexive Entertainment which makes games for the Kindle and android devices. Amazon is looking to dominate both the hardware and the software markets, in a sense, using its many web properties and buying power.

Should their appstore dominate Android app sales, this begs the question of whether Amazon will release an Android-powered tablet as has been suggested recently. It seems like a natural extension for Amazon which certainly has the expertise and resources necessary to do so.


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