New Google Map Finds All Movies Filmed Near You

Google Map1

A new Google Map has been created to show the locations of movie filmings for the past 100 years. Created by the website BoxOfficeQuant, dedicated to statistics and the film industry, the publicly accessible Google map displays the filming locations of the top 2000 movies from 1910-2010, according to IMDB. So what represents the top films?

Essentially, they were chosen using IMDB user voting on their favorite movies of all time; a crude but fairly accurate rendering of the most popular films ever to be made.

According to BoxOfficeQuant, it was very easy setting up the custom Google map:

To accomplish this, I used…Fusion Tables. I was completely amazed by their functionality; all I needed to do was enter in the location data from IMDB, and the map was generated automatically.

Google Movie Map

The cool thing about the map is that it displays filming locations internationally as well and not just in the U.S.

Movie Filming Locations 1910-2010

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