New York Times Charging for Web Access


The New York Times will start charging a monthly fee of at least $15 starting March 28 for frequent readers accessing their website. If you read more than 20 articles per month, then accessing full content on the Times website will cost you. Actual pricing varies on a sliding scale according to digital news packages. The digital packages will seek to cater to individual user needs by providing customized access and pay levels:

The iPhone and iPod Pinball Machine

iPhone Pinball Attachment

With this new gadget from the aptly named New Potato Technologies, you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a full fledged pinball machine. Pinball Magic promises to recreate the classic arcade pinball game on your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. To get the full use of all the accessories, you will need to download a web app (for free) from the iTunes store. The app comes preloaded with a variety of games tables and difficulty levels to keep you entertained.

New Firefox 4 Release Scheduled

firefox 4

The long awaited release of the new Mozilla Firefox browser is expected March 22nd. While the release candidate is currently available here, expect the final shipping version next week barring any major bug fixes or reported issues.

This new upgraded release of Firefox promises to be the best yet with many user interface, security and technology enhancements. Here is a list of the what you can expect from Mozilla’s latest browser.

Digital Textbooks To Overtake Real Books

Digital Textbooks

A new whitepaper by educational software and consulting firm xplana argues that digital textbooks have reached the tipping point needed which will eventually lead to their dominance of the textbook market. The whitepaper examines numerous factors which are working in the favor of electronic textbooks and projects that in 7 years, traditional print textbooks will be overtaken by their equivalent digital formats.

Will It Blend? The iPad 2 Goes For a Spin

Will It Blend Image

The guys over at Will It Blend have done it again. This time, they take the new iPad 2 out for a spin, or blend as it were! If you have never heard of this series of You Tube videos, they essentially take popular gadgets and tools and place it in a blender to see if it will blend. And what better gadget then the latest iPad 2 from Apple.