The Ultimate Free HTML5 Resource Guide


HTML5 is a language for presenting and structuring content of all kinds for the World Wide Web. While specifications for HTML5 will not be complete for a while, it is slowly being implemented in websites as new, modern browsers are adapting and supporting the new parameters. HTML5 is the future of the web and allows you to do amazing things.

25 Amazing Cartoon Character Illustration Tutorials

Design Tutorial

Character illustrations are everywhere these days and they can go a long way in livening up your blog or website by adding style and interest. This is a collection of 25 tutorials on how to create your own character graphics for your projects.

25 Amazing Cartoon Character Illustration Tutorials

Stunning Video Made From Cassini Satellite Pictures


On June 30th in 2004, the Cassini spacecraft entered the orbit near the planet Saturn to begin its detailed analysis. The mission has yielded large amounts of scientific data and is being considered a complete success. The below video is a collection of imagery from the Cassini space mission.

35 Examples of Beautiful Cartoon Style Vector Art + Free Download

deviant 7

In this post, we will look at 35 examples of beautiful vector cartoon-style art, and they are all free to download as well. Let’s start with a brief explanation of what vector is and how it compares to other types.

Vector vs. Bitmap

Vector graphics are images that are created using lines and mathematical formulas and represent one of the two major graphic types, with the other being bitmap. So what’s the difference and why is vector based artwork better?

Diner Dash 2 – Free Amazon App

Diner Dash 2 - Free Amazon App

Diner Dash 2 is today’s Amazon Android free application. From Glu Mobile Inc., a mobile game developer, this free application for your android device will keep you entertained as you try and help the main character, Flo. Game play involves managing a diner and performing the tasks of the head waitress as she seats customers, takes orders and payments, cleans up and more.