How Twitter Views the United States [Infographic]

Twitter Logo

Here is a cool fact for you about Twitter. Did you know that 66% of Twitter users do not even bother giving their real city name as their location? Many seem content in letting their imagination run wild and creating their own city names. The following infographic uses this location data from Twitter users and matches it to their actual usernames. 

Learn How To Install WordPress Step By Step


WordPress is an incredibly powerful blogging and website creation platform. It is free and includes an extensive community of developers and designers which results in an almost endless supply of themes, plugins and other ways of customizing and managing your website or blog. There are two ways to get WordPress, depending on whether you want to install WordPress directly on your own website or if you are looking for a ready-made solution.

Top 10 Best Gaming Infographics


An Infographic, or informational graphic, is a little bite-sized, compact visual goodness of information. Infographics summarize a data-set of relevant information visually and help us to discover patterns around us that would have otherwise required reading books. And who wants to do that really? Not when we are in the age of the Kindle! Here is a listing of the top ten best gaming related infographics around.

Amazingly Creative Examples of Outdoor Ads

outdoor ad

Outdoor billboard and advertisements is a trusted method for larger companies to advertise and spread the word about their products, services and brands. But as traditional media is increasingly being pushed aside by the new, web-based media, companies are trying to find new and creative ways to grab people’s attention outdoors.

Ultimate 3D Wallpaper Collection

3d wallpaper

Three dimensional computer wallpapers are great ways to enhance the look and feel of your favorite electronic device! 3D images add significant appeal and interest to an otherwise bland screen. This is a collection of over 40 3D wallpapers to download.