Top 10 Best Gaming Infographics


An Infographic, or informational graphic, is a little bite-sized, compact visual goodness of information. Infographics summarize a data-set of relevant information visually and help us to discover patterns around us that would have otherwise required reading books. And who wants to do that really? Not when we are in the age of the Kindle! Here is a listing of the top ten best gaming related infographics around.


Social Gaming

A detailed infographic about the top 25 online gaming applications along with revenue, age and country statistical breakdown. Tripwire

social gaming infographic

The Big Meanies

Ever wonder where all the evil people come from in video games? Well…there’s an infographic for that.

Gaming Infographic

Damn that Rock, Paper, Scissors

Ever wanted to learn the elusive art of mastering Rock, Paper, Scissors? Here is your chance.

rock paper scissors infographic

Gaming Evolved

Trace the historical timeline of game development with this infographic.


Online Gaming

Another brief spotlight on the wonderful world of online gaming. Source


Social Gaming

This infographic looks at the online social gaming experience compared with some traditional media. Source

History of Board Games

Pretty self-explanatory. Get real with board games and learn a little more about their history. Source

Board Game Infographic

Game Spending Who’s Who

Ever wonder who spends most of the money on Gaming? … No? Well, there is still an infographic for it anyway. Source

Social Gaming Spending1

Social Gaming Spending infographic
Why We Game (pun intended)

An infographic about why we play the top 100 games. Source

Why We Play Games

The Marvel Universe Infographic

History of the Marvel comics company and the dominant role they have played in gaming and comics. Source

The Marvel Universe Infographic


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