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Solar Powered Furniture Lets You Charge Your iPad While Sleeping

Solar Powered Lounge Station

The MIT SOFT Rocker is outdoor furniture that lets you charge your electronic devices using your own body, thanks to a solar-powered generator.  The rocker could become a feature of college campuses and outdoor parks the world over, if the creators get their way.

Best YouTube Videos for Father’s Day


Father’s day is coming up soon and we decided to list our favorite videos on YouTube in honor of Dads everywhere. You may love them, and you may even hate at times, but they still brought into this world, and as they keep reminding, then can apparently take us out of it as well!! Here [...]

Airport Mania and the Take Over of Amazon

Airport Mania Android Game

If you have not heard already, Amazon has officially launched their new Appstore dedicated to downloadable applications for Android devices. As with any app store, games are proving to be very popular as they dominate the sales lists. One of these games is made by Reflexive Entertainment, a company purchased by Amazon a few years [...]

Awesome Original Shelby Replica Pool Table

shelby classic

In the “redefining awesomeness” category, here we have a replica of the classic 1965 Shelby GT 350 made into a pool table. Each billiard table comes with an authentic certificate of awesomeness and is guaranteed to burn a hole in your wallet. Each replica is signed by the one and only Carroll Shelby himself and [...]

New Google Map Finds All Movies Filmed Near You

Google Map1

A new Google Map has been created to show the locations of movie filmings for the past 100 years. Created by the website BoxOfficeQuant, dedicated to statistics and the film industry, the publicly accessible Google map displays the filming locations of the top 2000 movies from 1910-2010, according to IMDB. So what represents the top [...]