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First Music Video Shot Entirely Using iPad 2

Apple iPad 2

Well, it was only a matter of time. But the first music video to be shot entirely using the Apple iPad 2 has been released. The song is Need and is by the indie band Eddy. To see pictures of the video shoot, click here. The story behind the video is quiet interesting. The video [...]

The iPhone and iPod Pinball Machine

iPhone Pinball Attachment

With this new gadget from the aptly named New Potato Technologies, you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a full fledged pinball machine. Pinball Magic promises to recreate the classic arcade pinball game on your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. To get the full use of all the accessories, you will need to download [...]

Will It Blend? The iPad 2 Goes For a Spin

Will It Blend Image

The guys over at Will It Blend have done it again. This time, they take the new iPad 2 out for a spin, or blend as it were! If you have never heard of this series of You Tube videos, they essentially take popular gadgets and tools and place it in a blender to see [...]