Free Android App – Shazam Encore

Shazam Encore - Free Android App

Produced by Shazam Entertainment Ltd., today’s free Amazon Android app is Shazam Encore. If you love music, then this app is for you. Shazam is a music discovery and tagging application for your Android-powered device. Shazam utilizes the built-in microphone of your mobile device to sample the music being played – on the radio, at a club etc – and then analyzes it using a massive database of music to try and find a match.

The matching process is based on the songs “acoustic fingerprint”. Once the song is identified, the app displays basic information including title, album and genre and then gives you the option to purchase the song via Amazon. Social networking tools are also built-in allowing you to share your new found music. This Encore edition of Shazam gives you unlimited tagging ability and is ad-free.


  • Amazon Android Appstore is available only to United States residents.
  • AT&T customers currently do not have access to the Appstore
  • App requires minimum Android 1.6
  • For details on Application permissions, visit the product page

Shazam Encore – Free Amazon Android App

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